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Shout Outs

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Here are some shout outs to
YOU!...Well, and maybe someone else too...


Abigail- you make a GREAT police officer... just don't give me a ticket!!!
Allison- feel like tripping on something today? 
Anna- annA (that's your name backwards!!!)
Carolyn- I've been left- AGAIN!
Elizabeth- Lizzy the Lizard.. LiLi.. Lizzie Mcguire, Lily... liza.. eliza, bethie, bethany
EmmaLee- picture phones are cool.. can I have the covers of yer old phone?
Grace- I REALLY don't get how I am supposed to stir a knight with a stick.......
Jordan- hey... have fun @ gutair lessons!
Leah A.- "May I try on a pair of these?" *shows box of pull ups
Madison- don't break a nail, burn a pinky
Hannah- It's colder than the ocean.....

"Glasses make everyone look smart"