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ATTENTION- I NO LONGER have a tripod journal, It is a Xanga one!

March 16th
I just felt like updating this for old time's sake, The first post I had was last year on Spring Break and now the LAST post on here is THIS week (the week b4 spring break) well I gotta get back to work! Co-op was AWESOMELY sweet yesterday, just ask me about it!
October 29th
wow... I didn't know that it has already been 11 days since I last updated the journal on here. The bank just called us and asked us if we could come there and eat hotdogs with them.... wow.. We've got a really cool bank. I saw liz last night @ the zoo. Anna and I are dressing up as twins for twin night! The retreat is tonight... I am about to go learn how to play Sadie Hawkins Dance on the gutiar.. I learned how to play my first song today.. . (sorta learned) Well I gtg learn my second song!!!
October 18th
HEY... liz made me make a xanga site.. and everybody keeps iming me... hold on.. see? AHH! ok, I think i am good for about 30 seconds... I told someone to watch the stacey starbucks movie...  h/o.. ok..h/o Ok... now taylors away.. now allison is iming me..ok now i think iam okay.. Allison says her straightener is doing ok... (and that is good) ANOTHER instant message! Tay is looking @ the pix.. i gtg!
October 15th
I went through my clothes today and got out my winter stuff. It was FREEZING this morning.... It's supposed to get hotter through the week.. I wonder why the weather does that, it'll just go UP and DOWN. YAY!!! The NEW RelientK CD is coming out in 16 days!!! I had NO idea that they had a new cd... but I went to thier website and well I found out that they DO!!! Well go see my NEW VIDEOS on the video page!!! It's HILLARIOUS!!! See ya!
October 15th
Wow, I can't believe that it's almost been a month since I've written in my journal... I guess I've just forgotten... I hope that you come to my website alot!!! I couldn't go help at school today... Daniel's teacher is staying home with her husband who just had surgery...... and ANYWAYS I wouldn't be able to go because the teacher I help is sick... I played "gravy" this morning with Kelsey... It was so much fun!!!! ttyl!!
September 21st
Today was co-op... It was okay... Some of the classes were really boring.. one even gave a pop quiz on what she'd talked about that day in class.. After co-op Seth came over to play with Daniel and John. They rode dirtbikes, and Seth went home with my neighbor that was going to his house. Well.... I'll ttyl! I am gonna go eat dinner....
September 18th
My cousins are in town because of Ivan... Thier neighbors called them and told them 2 of thier fences are down, the roof collapsed partially, and thier lawn furniture is a "tangled mess" If you've seen the pictures of what Ivan did to that bridge in Pensacola, that bridge is a mile from thier house... so getting home might not be an option right now for them.... My cousin, David is going with John to the Burly Men retreat at Hillard.. My cousins (and parents) were gonna stay till tomorrow... but i think there gonna haveta wait untill the police say it's safe to go back in... Thier neighbor accross the street is missing thier roof... And their neighbor said to bring LOTS and LOTS of water and non perishable foods back, because there is no water, phone lines, or sewer.... (that could be a problem..) They aren't even sure if thier water plant still exists.... Well I'll see ya'll Sunday! ttyl! :-)
September 13th
Hi! My mom had a guest speaker in town to speak, Friday through Sunday. She was really nice, and she gave me business starting tips. I am not gonna tell you anything yet... but I am thinking of starting something really big..... I made a purse just now... I was really bored... I made it out of that white thin cardboard and hot glue (Double stick tape didn't work.....) Glue guns are SO fun to use!  (exept when you burn yourself...) I didn't get burned today... I think I may paint it... I might have leaved it the way it was, but it has pen marks on it from when I was tracing... It looks good though! Maybe I wont use paint... maybe I'll use something else... like fabric or something.. well I dunno... Email me if you have any ideas! Thanks!
September 6th
I am Instant Messaging Madison right now. I am really confused... I hope that huricane Ivan doesn't come here. I still haven't collected all of my bugs for my science class. I am having lots of fun right now with the singing horses game.... it is so funny! Co-op is canceled tomorrow :-( co-op is fun! too bad it's cancelled.... we still have to do homework, though.... all of our teachers are calling us and telling us what our homework is. Our trampoline flipped over and fell on the fence! (and broke) (and broke the fence) well I'll see ya Wednesday! (maybe) ttyl!
September 4th
Hi!!! How are you? The guy on TV said we don't need to evacuate.... Madison just got off AIM.....  :-(  I am talking to Kelsey, though, one of Abigail's friends..... It felt so weird to wake up today and not have school...... I don't know why.... I slept in today...... well anyways I gotta go! ttyl!
September 2nd
Hi everyone!! I am IMing Madison right now! I am ALWAYS on IM now...... every free second I have I am on.... I am such a time waster... I gotta go get a movie from blockbuster! BYE
August 30th
Tommorrow is co-op.... I have to make a bug collection.... I guess I need to start.... since I didn't do ANY school Friday, I had to make up for Friday's school... which wasn't that hard..... Well it stoped raining, so I gotta go find 27 more bugs.... (Me and Daniel's) See ya'll tomorrow.. (If u go to my co-op)
August 24th
Today was the 3rd day of co-op. It went pretty well. (Oh I did end up getting to ride my dirtbike yesterday) We had fun riding the golf cart. I have to collect bugs for Mrs. Marks class....(ew!) I need a total of 15 bugs... (Maybe I'll get Daniel to get bugs for me).... Well I need to go update my "cool stuff" page.... BYE!
August 21st
I really want to get outside and ride (dirtbike)!!!......but I can't.... my parents are still in bed.... and they said they have to be awake while I am riding. (normally John is here to help me, but he spent the night with one of friends) I used to not like to ride.... I thought it was sorta boring when we started... but I've ridden my dirtbike more than I have ever riden it lately. (twice this month) (it doesn't sound that often, but for me it is) When John and Daniel and Kelsey used to go outside and ride, I'd stay inside and watch TV, or play on the computer.... but now I actually ENJOY riding... and I ride more then JUST when friends come over.... well anyway, yesterday my mom had a crop... (a skrapbook workshop) (for all you people who don't know what a "crop") Well ttyl!!!!
August 19th
Two days ago was the SECOND day of co-op... it wasn't all that fun as the first day.. When we were riding the golf cart-right after we started we poped a wheel! Speaking of broken vehicles.....(angry voice) Elizabeth..... our go cart's STILL broken! he he (we haven't tried fixing it yet) Anna- I hope you're feeling well. It's 2:18. Today was my first day of piano lessons with a new person.... It's always embarasing... because I haven't REALLY practiced since February! so I did (I guess u would say..... bad) Oh yeah, speaking of bad, think about my AWESOME on-the-spot panamiming skills last night!!!
August 14th
Last night Huricane Charley came. I was so scared all day yesterday. My siblings and I all slept in my parents closet and thier bathroom. I feel asleep right away. It came at 2 I think, I didn't wake up untill 8:30am!!!! We must have not gotten the bad part of the storm. (I'm glad) My brother kept saying that he wanted to get in the eye of the storm...everything looks normal outside... besides our pool furniture being in the living room and in the pool. (we did that so it wouldn't get blown away.) Well everything's okay no broken bones. I don't see any house damage yet..... (hopefully I won't) ttyl
August 10th
Today was the first day of co-op! It was fun! I don't have that much homework this year. (I think) We had a big class this year (compared to last year) last year we had 8 kids in the class this year we had 14 kids at the same time in our class. We kept moving around the house too! The 5th graders are with us for 3 classes, and one high schooler comes down for two classes, and another for one class. We were in three different rooms throughout the day (were normally in one) (and normally all the same people are in all of the classes together.) We rode the golf cart too! We felt like we were about to fly off, they kept doing doughnuts and stuff. We didn't get to ride that long because Hannah had to go. (and I thought I had to, too!) ttfn!
August 9th
Okay...... I know I haven't written in my diary for a while(a month) I haven't thought much about it anyways!!! Today I was dribbling a basketball in my garage, i accidently hit the step with the basketball, it bounced back and hit my toe... (OW!!) Like a forth of my toenail is about to come off.... to make it worse, I just got a wort frozen off, right where it got hit.... (OOWWW) Oh yeah, I forgot to mention!! I have a cold sore on my lip (OOWW) (Alright I'll stop the (OOOWWW)s) School started today, co-op starts tomorrow. I am SOOO excited about it...not! ttyl!
July 15th
Yesterday night was "Righteous Insanity" (means good excitement) It was awesome, even though we had a couple I-forgot-my-lines pauses! and I also said the wrong thing once :-D but the person beside me kept going with the right lines!!! I will be setting up for HERI today! ttyl
July 4th
Happy Independence Day! Look at my newly updated site!!! I added Cafeteria Lady Jokes, which are SO funny. (I got them from I hope you enjoy it! We are planing on doing fireworks tonight! ttyl!
June 29th...again
I forgot to write about IOA...oh yeah and Disney Quest. My favorite ride @ IOA was dueling dragons.. Fire, front row. Everyone talks about the Hulk being scary and all... but that was pretty boring. We waited for like 1 1/2, too! I didn't get to go on Dr. Doom, though, I had to leave before then. (some of my friends did)
 You don't even want to know what happend with my lockers..... my memory wasn't working right, it took me like 45 minutes to find my locker.... I made the wrong code by accident .  :-D So the guy had to unlock mine for me... I was SO embarassed. ALWAYS keep your receipts is what I learned!!!
Oh yeah! Disney Quest! My fav ride was Pirates of the Caribean! You gotta go there, that place is AWESOME!
June 29th
Today was day camp, I showed up in my swimsuit and guess what? We weren't going swiming. They canceled that.... we went bowling instead... again. Oh yeah, about Orlando, It was SSSOOO much fun, we went tubing almost every day, on a HUGE tube. ( i have a bruise as proof.) :-) But it was worth it.
I also CHIPed my tooth... ( I ate a Tostito and my tooth broke in half)  Then on the 27th when I was eating, a forth of my tooth came off. Good thing it was a baby tooth! (and my last one too) The Orthodontist kept telling me that I needed to lose it or he would pull it out...... I had SSOOO much fun @ my friend's house in Orlando. One of my friends from Orlando beat Driver's Ed!!! (on the Fun and Games section of my website) I hope people come visit my website. Tell all your friends... I have some GREAT pictures to put up soon! TTFN
P.S. Oh yeah IOA was fun too!
June 21st
Yay!!! I am going to Orlando  in a couple of days.. and I CAN'T WAIT!!! I will go to Universal's Islands of Adventure, while I am down there. I've only been to Islands of Adventure 1 time, for an hour. It was an hour to closing and they let us in to just look around. I haven't decided if I want to go on the big (scary) rides, yet. I am sure I'll do it. (I think!) ttyl
June 16th
I'll put your website on the websites page if you tell me what yours is.  Mine is . (of course you knew that.) I am in the process of interviewing someone over the internet. She will be on the website shortly, check our Badger Badger Badger on the Fun and Games page!
June 10th
Tell all of your friends about this website. I want this website to become popular. I hear the TV, Kim Possible is on. I gotta go!
June 3rd
Wow. I can't think of anything to say. I got a pedicure two days ago... What else is interesting? I am going to Orlando this summer. It's the 11th week of I guess I have to go take off the surprise thing now.
May 25th
WOO HOO! This is (really!) lexidoodleellis' 10th aniversary! Happy 10th week lexidoodleellis! Someone just arrived with flowers to congratulate me! (not really, a family member just had a birthday.) But, remember, you can send me flowers any way. I will add a specail surprise, 10th week aniversary present to my website, just look around the page to find it!
May 20th
My free trial of Toon Town JUST expired :-(   That game is so much fun! Well.... Maybe I should buy the real game so that my free trials aren't always expiring. :-(
May 18th
Oops! Actually this week is the 9th aniversary, not last week. Once again- Oops!!! Visit the photo page and see the Cool lexidoodleellis stuff page, it is cool! I got the free trial of Toon Town today! It's SO much fun, everybody should play it. No one has ever signed my guest book.... exept 2 people (one of which I acidentily deleted) Oops! (again with the oops!) Well gtg play Toon Town!
May 11th...again...
I forgot to mention... I am out of school for the summer!!! You probally aren't though... so too bad. :-D That wasn't very nice of me was it... Look around at my website... Let your self be interviewed my the one the only lexidoodleellis!!! You will be famous, and online... Send me pictures and games too!
May 11th
Sorry I haven't written in a while.... I've been out of town at the Tulip Festival!!! It was lots of fun... WOW my website is 9 weeks old!!! Next week will be the 10th week running! I guess I'll have to put something specail up on the website! :-D hmmmm... ;-)
April 20th
I've been finding lots of stuff I want to put on my website, but I've been really busy. In Geography this week we have to make a gift for another kid in the class (like seceret Santa) and I hope that my gift turns out right. We've have had a while to make the gift but, of course, I  started my project a week before the deadline. It's absolutely just like me to do something like that! :-)
April 9th
I know that it hasn't been a week yet...(Since my last entry) but I can't update the website next week so I am writing in the diary twice this week. I have been shopping alot lately. I seems like everyday this week I have gone to the store. (Even though I haven't) Easter for me is tomorrow. I get to have Easter a day early! Is that good or bad??... how should I know? Well HAPPY EASTER!!! ... and check out the easter bunny thing on the fun and games page!
April 5th
Did you think about yesterday and what day it was? 04-04-04! Cool, isn't it? I have testing next week. (I hope that I do good!) Today I went and played tennis. I did okay, I guess. It's hard to really judge yourself. Altoghether I have had a pretty good day!
April 2nd
Yesterday was April Fools Day, and I sure did get a good prank pulled on me! I was IMing someone and she told me that she was moving away to Georgia. Then later on she said APRIL FOOLS! She really got me. I totally didn't expect that! Wow, for four weeks I've had this site. Time has flown by! 
March 29th
My mom was filmed for a short movie today that will be played at some high schools around the world. (Isn't that COOL!!!) Even though I didn't get filmed I was excited for her. My school is doing good I finished pretty early today. Yeah!
March 22nd
This is my first day back to school after spring break. It seemed like the week flew by. It always seems that way. Well I better get back to studying states, capitols, and largest cities.
March 17th
It's spring break! So no school for me . I've been using my spring break on the computer and watching tv. Wow my school holidays sure are exciting.